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Concentrate of the Week: High Octane Shatter




With the new year comes new ideas, resolutions and goals to live by. Most people don’t keep these ambitions fueled for more than two weeks, but one thing that most people do embody is the energy and desire to better themselves. In order to accomplish this, sure everyone needs a little motivation and boost of energy. Depending on your resolution, a cannabis concentrate such as High Octane Shatter could be exactly what you need. With a name referring to power, strength and effectiveness, this product is sure to lift your spirits and move you closer to your resolution goals, pronto.

Cannabis flower will always have a place in the heart of the community, but there’s a reason some people choose shatters. Likely enough, you seek way to experience a stronger, higher performing effects. Fortunately, CULTURE reviewers described this shatter as the “espresso of cannabis,” alluding to its very potent sativa properties. Some believe that High Octane is the result of breeding between Sunset Sherbet and Octane.

CULTURE’s sample of High Octane Shatter was a beautiful golden amber color that was almost translucent and appeared to glow. It’s easily pliable and “dabbable,” making it the perfect candidate for a regular consumption session. Luckily, High Octane Shatter has a lot to offer veteran consumers around the globe. Expectations are high and according to reviewers, trying out this shatter will propel you quickly forward like a top fuel dragster at a drag race—a quick ramp up in speed followed by a relatively calm cooldown period.

A good shatter usually makes you want to get up and go, and a great shatter gives you the motivation to actually do it. High Octane certainly fits into the category of “great.” While caffeine can give you a tiny boost, this concentrate can provide lasting energy in place of your morning coffee.