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Concentrate of the Week: HD Fruity Flower Rosin




One of the most universal qualities of concentrates is that they are dense, ultra-potent and often contain heavy scents of dank fuel or other typical smells—but few of them are referred to as “a complete delight.” HD Fruity Flower Rosin is still potent and useful of course, but its insanely delicious terpene profile features fruit (specifically pineapple) and flowers, which is completely different than what CULTURE reviewers were used to. A scent setup like that is usually uncommon with rosin products, but if you’re looking for a refreshing new take on concentrates this summer, this is it.

Usually we like to dive into a product’s heritage and explore its parentage, but there is no guideline for learning more about HD Fruity Flower Rosin. In fact, as an extract, this one is completely mysterious! Ultimately everything we need to know is in the name though—and, of course, in the test results. The company who created this concentrate, PNW Roots, claimed that this tasty treat contained 71.80 percent THC. The rosin is malleable and nicely textured , making it very easy to work with.

Not only is this concentrate useful as a fresh summertime product, but its medical benefits are highly sought after as well. When consumption begins, the hit is incredibly smooth. So much so, that it’s easy to not immediately notice or feel the size of the hit until it begins to expand in your lungs. Shortly thereafter, reviewers noted that the effects were that of a high-voltage impact. It’s not incapacitating, but also not the kind of product you want to try when you know you have important things to do. Instead, it’s the perfect concentrate for lazing around in an air conditioned home on a hot day, lying by the pool or enjoying the shade in a park.