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Concentrate of the Week: Chernobyl Extract




Game of Thrones Season 8 was one of the most exciting and disappointing endings, but the show’s broadcasting channel, HBO, may have known that. HBO broadcasted Chernobyl right toward the end of Game of Thrones, and has been widely received as a drama miniseries featuring the events of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. So what does this have to do with cannabis? CULTURE reviewers got their hands on a concentrate called Chernobyl Extract, which respectively brings attention to its potent effects that are a testament to the power of human creation. 

Our sample was made by NW Kind in Portland, Oregon, and is said to be a relative of the strains TrainwreckJack the Ripper and Trinity. Trainwreck is very popular with many consumers, mainly for its ability to temporarily negate pain but leave people with the ability to function in social situations. Jack the Ripper, despite its creepy name, produces euphoria and is useful in treating a variety of medical conditions. Finally, Trinity is a calming indica that serves to treat nausea amongst other conditions.

Ultimately, they were bred to produce Chernobyl Extract—is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid of epic proportions. Unlike the historic Chernobyl disaster however, this extract is a benefit to those who consume it. It’s said to contain a very specific 72.68 percent of THC.

Reviewers noted caution with Chernobyl and recommended that consumers have a big dome over their nails. The oil burns very hot and is prone to popping and exploding. But once consumption begins, you might feel a cool feeling, similar to that of any menthol-flavored candy. It may let off a lot of smoke, but isn’t too harsh for multiple dabs in one session. 

Chernobyl is a great extract for those looking to relax or treat medical conditions such as muscle pains or post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also a notable mood booster as well, lifting spirits with a positive outlook on life.