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Concentrate of the Week: Casey Jones Wax



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]O[/dropcap]n April 30, 1900, a train engineer named Jonathan Luther “Casey” Jones was killed when his train ran headfirst into a stalled train in Mississippi. Many historians refer to Jones as a folk hero, as he sacrificed his life to try and stop his train by holding one hand on the brake and another on the train’s whistle to alert people ahead. The story of his death first grew after musician Wallace Saunders wrote “The Ballad of Casey Jones,” a classic turn-of-the-century folk song. It was this tune that immortalized his story, and since then has been adapted and sung by the likes of Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead and many more. So when a concentrate is named after this famous American figure, there are a few details we can glean from that inspiration—Casey Jones Wax provides energy, focus and many other benefits to recreational and medical patients.

When it comes to the parents of Casey Jones strain that our wax concentrate was born from, both of their names are relevant. First is Oriental Express, a sativa-dominant strain that stems from a cross of Trainwreck and Thai (not to mention the ongoing train theme). Second is East Coast Sour Diesel, a powerful sativa.

The sample of Casey Jones Wax that CULTURE reviewers received was a fine specimen created through the CO2 method. While semisolid at room temperature, the wax was sticky but still manageable on a dabber. It’s color and consistency are marvelous proof of the skill and care that went into making this particular product.

While most dabbing is recommended for seasoned consumers, this one is highly useful for a number of reasons. It’s strong sativa parents provide Casey Jones Wax with the ability to lift up spirits, focus on projects, embrace inner creativity, and help break down barriers in social situations. Stress, depression, anxiety and many other medical conditions melt away with a single dose.

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