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Strain of the Week: Butter OG




Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Think back to all of the Thanksgivings of the past and all of the food you’ve tried and consumed. Are the dishes the same every year? Do they change from year-to-year? If your usual Thanksgiving feast is something you look forward to every year, there is one major ingredient that you should thank—butter. The all-purpose, high-fat dairy product that makes almost all food taste better. One could call it an essential cooking ingredient, and certainly an ingredient that should never be omitted, if given the choice. There is only one other ingredient that is sure to make your Thanksgiving feast the best it can be—cannabis! Specifically, give Butter OG a try for an extra rich holiday treat.

The history of who or how the dairy product was first created is shrouded in mystery. There is little known about the genealogical history of Butter OG, too. What we do know is that this indica-dominant strain is praised for its smooth hits and buttery-like flavor. The particular strain sample that reviewers tried out didn’t look like butter in any way, but it’s appearance was crisp and cleanly cured. Frosty green leaves make up most of this bud, with slightly orange pistils weaving throughout the surface.

It’s safe to assume that there is probably some OG Kush influence in this strain (hence the “OG” portion of the name). While OG Kush is a highly regarded in the cannabis industry, Butter OG improves upon the idea. Instead of instant couch lock, the effects of Butter OG (referred to as the “cream of the crop”) slowly ease consumers into a state of relaxation. Many report tension lifting away slowly, and realizing their troubles are temporarily melting away. A single dose of Butter OG does have a slight butter taste, but it also puts off a delicious lemon and fuel-scented scent.