Concentrate of the Week: Blondie Wondicon

Decipher a strain or concentrate name is often a challenge. Sometimes it’s obvious—a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel can result in Sour Kush. Easy enough. But strain names are more inspired, or invoke different feelings or memories. In this case, Blondie Wondicon reminded CULTURE reviewers of the band of the same name—Blondie. Active in the mid-1970s to mid-1980s, and then from 1997 onward, this new wave punk rock band really put the pedal to the metal. Apparently, the name was inspired by truck drivers who would catcall singer Debbie Harry, yelling “Hey, Blondie.” So a concentrate derived from a strain called Blondie, or in our case a concentrate called Blondie Wondicon, receives a few different thoughts here.

According to some sources, Blondie is a very well-balanced hybrid, clocking in at a 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. Sadly, it’s parentage remains a mystery. But it is clear that two mild-mannered strains came together to create offspring that is both useful in a medical sense, and also perfect for consumers of all levels of experience.

Blondie strains tend to contain a sensible and soothing aroma of earth and fruit, followed by a classic Kush aftertaste. A single look at this strain will reveal a bud that is absolutely covered with shining white trichomes. In concentrate form, Blondie Wondicon is a beautifully golden sap-like product. At room temperature it isn’t quit solid, and has an unusually light terpene profile. In this form, it’s perfect for dabbing, as it will vape up a resinous, slightly sweet taste with “mega-effects.”

But Blondie Wondicon truly shines when it evokes certain effects in consumers. As a strain, it’s a catch-all for medical consumers looking to treat appetite issues, chronic fatigue or anxiety. It remains perfectly balanced to both soothe ailments, but also keep consumers up on their feet. The concentrate is especially useful for those who want to treat bronchial issues, intractable pain and spasticity as well.

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