Concentrate of the Week: Black Cherry Soda

The general consensus of soda is one that warns people about the corroding effects it can have on human teeth (which is now endlessly perpetuated as the topic of youth student’s science fair projects). Although it is difficult to identify who or when this discovery was first made, the reaction to knowing this now well-known assertion is this: Nobody cares. Despite its detriment to health and lack of nutrients, soda is awesome. That sweet burning sensation that you feel as you take your first sip just can’t be beat. To this writer’s preferences, the traditional flavor of Black Cherry Soda is one of the best available. And a concentrate based on that flavor is nigh unbeatable.

Black Cherry Soda (BCS) is a popular hybrid strain that is heavily dominated with indica effects. It’s know for it’s potent strength and usefulness in treating certain medical conditions, but doesn’t create couchlock or cement the consumer in place with limited productivity. In fact, it’s quite useful in relieving stress, relaxing the body, and keeping consumers semi-active during the day. A small dose from this concentrate is all you need to ease the worries of the day and tackle problems head-on, but is best used if you work from home.

As a concentrate, BCS is on the waxier side with impeccable texture and a mind-blowing terpene profile. In strain form, it is unusually purple in appearance and offers pleasant, relaxing berry and earthy notes. These flavors are amplified tenfold once processed into a concentrate though, offering delicious fruity flavors that are backed up with a hint of sweetness that makes so much sense, given the name. CULTURE’s particular concentrate sample clocked in at approximately 80 percent THC. Given the strength of BCS though, newcomers to cannabis or concentrates should be especially wary.

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