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Concentrate of the Week: Banana Kush Shatter




When reviewing cannabis strains, the first thing most reviewers note is the scent. Terms like dank, earthy and diesel-like often come to light when describing traditional strains. With more of an understanding of terpene profiles, we know where the origin of floral, sweet and citrus scents come from as well. But one fruit has no similarity to any other—the banana. It’s not a citrus fruit, but still maintains sweet flavors. So when looking deeper at a Banana Kush Shatter, it’s easy to see where the inspiration comes from.

The Banana Kush strain is said to come from Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Ghost OG allegedly stems from an original cross of OG Kush, and is a potent indica strain that excels in helping medical patients relax and forget their pains temporarily. On the other hand, Skunk Haze lies more on the balanced hybrid scale, but is also useful in treating a variety of medical conditions. Together they created Banana Kush, which somehow obtained a very real smell of grilled plantains. While it doesn’t smell banana-flavored Laffy Taffy, it does offer a pleasantly sweet scent.

Of course, our review sample was a Banana Kush Shatter that defies expectations. It came to CULTURE reviewers in the form of a stereotypical concentrate—sticky but beautiful golden shatter that held its shape even after a hot card ride. And all it takes is a small portion of that shatter to obtain a giggling, mood-elevating effect that is potent and unexpected. Consumers may find themselves reminiscing about their past and forgetting the stresses of their workday. Some forget what they’re saying mid-sentence. Ultimately, a Banana Kush Shatter like this one is bound to help you relax after a long day, or to help provide courage in an upcoming anxiety-inducing social situation.