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Concentrate of the Week: 3 Kings Raw-Zen




The three kings, or three wise men, are an important part of the Christian tale of Jesus Christ’s birth. The story tells of how these wandering kings bore gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn and his family. They are said to have traveled a great distance with these gifts, but the trip was inevitably worth the wait. This journey was not unlike cannabis, which can sometimes feature effects that are slow to build, but oh-so-satisfying. Introducing 3 Kings Raw-Zen: A concentrate that has three times the potency of normal cannabis flowers with all of the aroma and none of the smoke or solvents.

3 Kings Raw-Zen looks as pure as raw gold. It’s a beautiful hue that shifts between light amber and heavenly yellow colors, all contained within a tiny sample of this wonderous concentrate. The creators of this product utilized fresh, outdoor grown 3 Kings flower, which was turned into a bubble hash and then heat pressed and filtered in order to create this curious rosin. The end result was a golden wafer that make heads bow down in honor.

CULTURE reviewers were told that 3 Kings Raw-Zen is the culmination of breeding OG KushSour Diesel and Headband (all descendants of the matriarch strain, Chem Dawg)—three powerhouse strains that are well-known for their power and potency among competitors. So many influences comes through in this concentrate, which is packed with tons of terpenes. Imagine a single whiff containing elements of gas, pine, pepper and citrus lemon, all while feeling the effects slowly spread throughout the body. All of this prepares you for the consumption experience of a lifetime.

Reviewers noted that 3 Kings Raw-Zen is best consumed cold, which allows the most seasoned individuals to enjoy this tasty lemon-chem vapor. This is not a recommended product for beginners who are looking to try out on their first concentrate.