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Colorado State University Launches New Clinical Cannabis Trials




The Department of Psychology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado is launching a new project that will look at the effectiveness of cannabis company Gofire’s data-gathering technology for cannabis and the efficiency of their cannabis inhaler.

“This is a milestone event for cannabis research,” said Bradley T. Conner, Ph.D., associate professor and director of addiction counseling at Colorado State University, in a Globe Newswire press release. “For the first time, we will be able to accurately record exact dosing intakes of specific cannabis chemical profiles. Gofire’s technology allows our lab to gather consistent and accurate measurements when conducting research with cannabis medicine. Quality data allows us to produce actionable results which is a critical goal of our research efforts.”

The initial stage of the research will include 20 participants who will use the inhaler and the app to track their cannabis intake. Throughout the other stages of research, more specifics about the inhaler and the cannabis tracking app will be tested, and eventually, the trial will seek to gain more data on the correlation between cannabis and health.

“The key to developing effective, predictable cannabis medicines is accurate research,” said Dr. Meghan Morean, director of research and clinical applications at Gofire. “As more patients and physicians recognize the value this plant can bring to health outcomes, increasing the comfort level of those using and recommending it becomes increasingly essential. We’re proud that Gofire’s technology is going to enable the research that will lead to prescribable, consistent cannabis medicines.”

“These tools are ideally suited for researchers, who require the means to precisely dose and accurately monitor the intake and outcomes of plant-based medicines,” added Peter Calfee, CEO of Gofire. “Using Gofire’s technology, researchers will generate data-driven results that can inform the development of evidence-based, prescribable dosing recommendations. We are thrilled to be a part of the CSU study and look forward to the results produced.”

Colorado State University is one of many who are increasing their cannabis research. The University of Maryland is offering a cannabis Master’s program, and Harvard University is also heavily engaged in cannabis research. Colleges will continue to lead the way when it comes to new data and insight on cannabis.