Colorado Requests Stakeholder Input for Proposed Regulation Changes

Colorado is asking for the input of cannabis consumers and business owners to determine the next set of regulation changes in the state.

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment is soliciting feedback from Colorado residents who consume, give or advocate for medical cannabis consumption.

By the department’s definition, stakeholders may be: Past or current medical cannabis patients; caregivers, physicians and physician office staff members; legal representatives or parents of medical cannabis patients; employees of a dispensary or a cultivation or processing facility; or members of a cannabis advocacy group.

The feedback will aid in considering proposed changes to current cannabis regulation proposed by the state’s Medical Marijuana Registry that will culminate in a January 2018 hearing to discuss the matters.

Feedback is being collected via online and mail-in surveys, which will be accepted until Nov. 30. The full list of proposed changes, including budget projections and changes on a sentence-by-sentence level are available through the request for the rulemaking hearing.

The changes to Colorado laws to include recently approved Senate and House bills. It adds new conditions with Senate Bill 17-017, which allows medical cannabis consumption for patients with acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, providing they are under physician care. It also aligns regulations with House Bill 16-1373, stating that caregivers cannot carry cannabis at school-sponsored events.

The new rules will also change Regulation 7 in the Medical Use of Marijuana Regulations, increasing fees ten dollars to $25 total beginning in May of 2018. The fee was temporarily reduced in 2014, and the department said projections showed it was finally necessary to raise the fee in price to cover customer and technical support costs and other expenses.

Lastly, the changes with include typographical errors or changes in sending information to the Registry now that it has gone online, using a third-party system to speed up applications and allowing patients to change the name of their caregiver without contacting the Registry directly.

Those interested in giving feedback must submit before Nov. 30 to be considered for initial results before a final feedback period ending Dec. 15.

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