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Colorado Officials Issue Health Warning for Contaminated Cannabis




State authorities in Colorado have issued a statement informing locals that a technical error caused some potentially contaminated cannabis product to reach store shelves.

According to CNN, the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a joint statement regarding the allegedly tainted product, “Due to . . . potentially unsafe levels of microbial contamination on retail marijuana and medical marijuana produced by several business[es].”

Colorado, along with numerous other states, uses a tracking system called Metrc. CNN reports that a currently unknown number of medical and recreational cannabis product wasn’t labeled correctly in the system. The Metrc error is assumed to have occurred between Oct. 21 and Nov. 13. “We strongly encourage licensees to continue the best practice of checking test results in addition to the status presented in the system,” Metrc’s Director of External Affairs & Business Development, David Urbanowicz, told CNN.

Currently, it is assumed that only the state of Colorado was affected by the error, and specifically strains by the name of Blue Dream, 9LB Hammer and Super Lemon Haze, which allegedly were sold by these dispensaries: Tweedleaf, Cross Genetics and Elevations. If consumers believe they have received any of the aforementioned cannabis strains, they are urged to return them to the dispensary it was purchased for proper disposal.

Metrc is one of the few reliable cannabis tracking software services that is currently being utilized by states, however, it is not without its faults. The past has revealed some growing pains regarding the system’s operation, such as issues with high traffic slowing the system down  or affecting overall sales of cannabis businesses. With time and a lot of trial and error in this new industry, services like Metrc will become a strong part of the future of cannabis.