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Colorado Home Delivery and Hospitality Cannabis Business Program Discussed



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]olorado is considering allowing regulated home delivery of cannabis to medical as well as recreational consumers. House Bill 19-1230 was introduced in the Colorado parliament on March 8, and according to its summary, it “creates marijuana delivery permits for licensed medical marijuana centers and transporters and licensed retail marijuana stores and transporters that allow the centers, stores, and transporters to deliver medical marijuana, medical marijuana-infused products, retail marijuana, and retail marijuana products to customers. The bill gives the state licensing authority rule-making authority over the permit and delivery system. Medical marijuana delivery permitting begins January 2, 2020, and retail marijuana delivery permitting begins January 2, 2021.”

Another bill was proposed in the Colorado legislature on March 11 that would permit cannabis consumption in social settings such as licensed cannabis hospitality businesses like resorts and hotels. In addition, it would allow controlled on-site sales. Amending cannabis tour regulations is being considered by the Colorado lawmakers as well.

The bill’s sponsors believe that passing the bill would curb illicit cannabis companies and create more business possibilities for licensed growers, distributors, processors and suppliers. Legally acquiring cannabis is also expected to be more straightforward for consumers. “A pervasive, illegal network of underground delivery operations, who skirt local and state laws and regulations” thrives, the bill’s sponsors have said in a statement.

If the bill is passed a set of rules will be observed in regards to the home delivery of cannabis products, such as the delivery employees and companies to effectively pass a training program, tracking dispensaries and drivers making the deliveries, and a prerequisite that would make it compulsory for delivery staff to check the identification of consumers twice before making the final deliverance.

Furthermore, if passed, the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) would be in charge of the cannabis products’ quality control. “Our division is working closely with industry stakeholders on several marijuana bills this legislative session, including the regulated marijuana delivery bill to ensure it is operable for businesses while continuing to protect public health and safety,” stated MED’s Communications Specialist Shannon Gray. “The transporter licensees are licensed by MED specifically for commercial marijuana transport between businesses, from a marijuana grow to a marijuana store, for example.”

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