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Colorado Bill to Allow Home Delivery Gets Shut Down



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]oloradans were excited about the possibility of House Bill 1092, a ruling that would have allowed cannabis home delivery. However, Colorado’s Senate Judiciary Committee voted to kill the bill before it could make further progress.

Originally the bill was sent to the House in March, where it received a 36-27 vote of approval.

According to The Cannabist, and more recently, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3-2 to kill the bill. The panel consists of Senators Bob Gardner, Don Coram, Daniel Kagan, John Cooke and Rhonda Fields.

This was the second time that Colorado lawmakers have tried to pass a delivery-related bill, and both times, it has failed. The first time that such a bill was proposed, it was vetoed by Gov. Hickenlooper.

This time around, the bill would have created a pilot program that would outline the farthest distance that cannabis could be delivered to, the number of allowed deliverers and the length of the pilot program before a final decision would be made.

“Bottom line is that we haven’t seen an increase in public safety issues where this is rolled out,” said Rep. Jonathan Singer before the bill was shot down. “Additionally, if there’s concern about federal attention, the federal attention would already be on Oregon where this happens. We’re not breaking new ground in Colorado on this. Everyone said that they didn’t want Colorado to be the guinea pig on marijuana. This time we let another state be the guinea pig, and we haven’t seen the negative effects from regulated delivery.”

It is disappointing that this did not pass, but this is just one bill in a long series of upcoming cannabis bills that will eventually makes its way to Congress. It would not be surprising if Colorado does eventually legalize cannabis delivery over the next couple of years.


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