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Coloradan Dispensary Gives to Local Nonprofit Organizations




Giving back to your local community and those in need is a rewarding action. No matter if you’re donating clothes, extra cash or part of your profits, every bit can help change a life. This is an especially important moment, when the kindness of others is relied heavily upon during times of tragedy. Even cannabis businesses like Kaya Cannabis in Denver, Colorado, are doing so well that they can help others by simply running their business.

Earlier this year, Kaya announced that it would be donating a percentage of every purchase to local nonprofit organizations. Kaya Co-owner Truman Bradley is very passionate about the opportunity to help his local community flourish. “We are proud to give back and make Colorado better,” Bradley said. “We’ve always supported community initiatives; the difference is that now we’re also empowering the people who purchase our products. Our community partnerships raise awareness with our customers about how they can make a difference in their communities with their purchasing decisions.”

As a part of Kaya’s new initiative, the business will choose four different local organizations to support per month. Better yet, Kaya customers will be the ones who choose where their donation money will go. For example, the first month allowed customers to choose between The Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center, The Denver Fire Department Foundation and the West Colfax Association of Neighbors.

Setting up this level of support took a lot of time from all who were involved, which includes CEO Amanda Gonzalez, who deeply believes that the cannabis industry can only grow and through community involvement. Although some organizations turned down the offer for a donation partnership, Gonzalez is sure that the connections that Kaya makes with these organizations with create a positive and long-lasting relationships.

“Kaya’s commitment to community partnership and community giving mark a significant turning point for the cannabis industry as whole,” Gonzalez said in a press release. “We’re still a young industry and we have the opportunity to weave philanthropy and community partnership into the very fabric of who we are. I’m excited that Kaya is the first in the country to do this and I hope that we’re not the last. This is the one place in business where you hope that your competitors imitate you.”

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