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Coffee & Doughnuts




Coffee & Doughnuts are a quintessential part of many Americans’ morning routines, and thanks to Coda Signature, these early morning pleasures can now be enjoyed any time of the day! These spectacular treats are created using South American Milk chocolate, coffee, toasted milk, cannabis oil and a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar. Every bite of this wonderful bar is reminiscent of a timeless Sunday morning at home, with each taste of doughnut and coffee flavored deliciousness bringing forth a sense of comfort swaddled in a chocolatey blanket of happiness and nostalgia. The taste is an experience unlike anything else. Furthermore, all of the cannabis oil used in the Coffee & Doughnuts bar by Coda Signature is 100 percent CO2-extracted, ensuring the highest quality standard in terms of not just flavor but purity as well. At 100mg of THC per package, this is definitely an edible that can have you down for the count if consumed all at once, but when consumed sparingly the result is very well-balanced with a stellar pairing of mild cerebral and body effects.

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