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Coca-Cola Denies Rumors of Entering CBD Market




Coca-Cola Co. representatives denied rumors that the company is releasing a CBD-infused drink. Bloomberg News first reported that the rumor originated from a YouTube video by “Gabor the Blind Guy,” but the video was deleted shortly after being exposed as untrue.

An archived version of the video is available on a Reddit forum. In the video that claimed Coca-Cola is releasing a CBD-infused drink in Canada, a man tests a can of Coke with a childproof lid. He also claimed that his father was an engineer at Coca-Cola with inside knowledge of the company’s plans.

Coca-Cola representatives flatly denied any of the claims. “These rumors are untrue,” Coca-Cola told Bloomberg News in an emailed statement. “As we have stated many times, we have no plans to enter the CBD market.”

While the company has no immediate plans to release a CBD-infused drink, it’s not the first time rumors have circulated about a CBD-infused product. The company supposedly floated the idea of a CBD-infused drink back in 2018. In September 2018, a Coca Cola Co. “source” told BNN Bloomberg Television that it is in “serious talks” with Canada-based producer Aurora Cannabis Inc. to release a CBD product. Shortly after that story broke, the company also denied rumors of a CBD-infused drink via a press release, but didn’t address any talks with Aurora. “No decisions have been made at this time,” the company stated.

Coca-Cola’s original recipe contained minute traces of cocaine until 1929—so a Coca-Cola drink infused with cannabis isn’t entirely unrealistic.

While Coca-Cola remains reluctant to enter the CBD market, other drink-makers are not. The Bob Marley estate released a line of CBD-infused drinks last year. Professional tennis star John Isner also endorsed DEFY, a CBD-infused beverage last August. If Coca-Cola eventually decides to enter the CBD market, there is no doubt it would be a game-changer for the CBD industry.