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Cigaweed – Sativa





Available in The greater Puget Sound area.

Picture this: You’re at a gathering with some new friends, feeling good. Music is just your style, and the craft brew selection is up to par. One thing is missing though, cannabis. As far as you can see, this is a dry party. But you get a break, someone goes out to smoke a cigarette. Now’s your chance! Enter Sativa Cigaweed. The perfect product to break the barrier, and start the cannabis conversation. The attractive silver, black and green package contains 8-individually sealed cannabis cigarettes that look identical to tobacco cigarettes. Clear labeling makes strain selection a breeze. This sativa was perky and enjoyable. These machine-rolled beauties are capped at the end to ensure freshness, and feature hemp paper, and a high-flow filter specially designed to allow the passage of THC. We noticed while smoking, that the smell of the paper, and the filter work to mask the cannabis fragrance somewhat, further adding to the inconspicuous nature of the product. This is the ideal urban portable smoking device.

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