Chong’s Choice Hits Top Shelves Across America


Tommy Chong’s new line of top shelf cannabis will expand and officially be released in collectives on April 20. Chong’s Choice products will be available in the legal cannabis states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The company has expanded to include virtually every cannabis accessory available, including lighters, vape pens, edibles and more. Tommy Chong has graduated from his days of mass-distributing paraphernalia, and is selling the actual cannabis product. Indica, sativa and hybrid blends in five-pack pre-roll packages, resembling any socially-acceptable cigarette pack. Naturally, a hemp-infused beverage line called Chongwater will also be available.

Chong’s Choice lab-certified blends contain up to over 20 percent THC. Chongwater is tea made from organic hemp seed and infused with additional immune enhancers like honey and mint. Chong’s name will accompany the product using top quality commercial cannabis. His product Smoke Swipe removes the odor from clothing when you’re on the go.

“We’re a distribution company,” Tommy Chong recently told Forbes. “We’ve found the best growers, tapped into their supply source, and used my name and celebrity to promote their product.” Tommy Chong’s son Paris added. “We’re not charging a premium for this, either. We’re just trying to bring the best buds to the market.” One strain, Chong Star, is high in CBD.

Chong’s choice is expanding rapidly, most recently linking up with cultivators in Oregon and California. Tommy Chong hopes to mass produce Chong’s Choice in the former prison town of Adelanto. “Owning a small business is like doing time in jail,” Chong said. “You are dedicated to that business. You don’t have a life. It absorbs all of your time. When I was in jail, I had more time to myself than I had on the outside.” Aside from being a cannabis-icon for half a century, Chong has said that he beat two round of cancer by using medical cannabis.

For Californians, Chong’s Choice will debut in at least 25 cannabis collectives on April 20, including Kush Valley Collective, LAPCG, Cannacology, Cannasutra, Buds and Roses, 99 High Tide, Torrey Holitics, Phytologie, CBCB Berkeley and the Horizon Collective.

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