Chong’s Choice Cereal Bowls Chocolate Bar Available wherever: Chong’s Choice products are carried.

Tommy Chong himself is the mastermind behind this ultimate munchie-filled masterpiece, and only he could make an edible this ingenious. There is 200mg of THC in each 3.5-ounce bar of delicious white chocolate and it is packed with the all-time greatest munchie food—cereal, which makes this wondrous invention very difficult to set down. We definitely wouldn’t recommend that patients make plans for the rest of their day when they first pick up one of these Chong’s Choice Cereal Bowls Bars! Not only because of the high THC content but because more often than not, consumers will find themselves eating a few more pieces than intended, thanks to the irresistible taste of cereal smothered with melty white chocolate. Grab one of these Chong’s Choice Cereal Bowls Bars, meet up with a friend and have yourselves some “bowls” of fun.

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