One of the biggest benefits medical cannabis provides to patients is an increased appetite, weight loss—due to conditions such as AIDS’ Wasting Syndrome—is prevented. These munchies can lead to some weird culinary creations. While we can’t recommend mixing a cantaloupe with your favorite chocolate bar, we suggest trying The Herbal Cure’s Chocolope in Denver when the craving arises. The nug we found was closer to a branch, looking as though you could plant it and bask in the shade of your weed tree. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. This cross of OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze was cured perfectly from a sample of this stature; spongy and fragrant, with notes of rubber and cocoa wafting up. One hit lead to a racing euphoria that screamed “HAZE!” Conversations sped up, went off track, then fully wrecked after an hour. While this sativa-dominant hybrid is great for that initial jolt, you’ll notice deep pain relief and a sense of calm wash over as well. Great for early afternoons, this is a tremendous strain for a lunch on a sunny Denver patio.

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