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Cherry OG Vape Pen by Avitas




Available at various recreational locations throughout Washington State.

Sleek, discreet and powerful, this cute little vape pen carries a lot of punch in a small package. At 79.2 percent THC, this little doozy will not let you down in the potency department. The flavor is fruity and pleasant, very delicate and soft. Cherry OG is a straight 50/50 indica sativa hybrid, and the effect that results embodies the best of both worlds. Bred from Thai (sativa) Afghani (indica) and Lost Cost OG, this true hybrid definitely embodies the best of both sativas and indicas. After vaping this pen, aside from the delightful flavor, the thing that stuck out the most was the anxiety relieving and euphoric feeling that overcame us. Quick acting and long lasting, this is the perfect companion for any situation where you need easy access to powerful medicine.

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