Chernobyl Extract


Available at Brothers Cannabis in Portland.

This extract is a clear amber shatter made by NW Kind and can be found at Brothers Cannabis in Portland. It has 72.68 percent THC, which speaks for itself, and gives you smooth, clean dabs. Make sure you have a big dome over your nail, though, because this oil burns really hot, and can pop and explode a bit. A dab is like a cool, menthol burst of flavor that lingers on your tongue. It lets off a lot of smoke, but it’s not too harsh for taking multiple dabs. This allows you to really feel the effect. It’s great for relaxation, or treating a variety of symptoms, from muscle pains to PTSD. It works best to break off chunks of the oil directly onto a dabbing tool, and those new to dabs should start small with such a potent product.

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