Chem Cookies by Cold Smoke Concentrates Available at: Urban Bud Marijuana in Tacoma.

Cold Smoke Concentrates makes extracts for true cannabis connoisseurs. Even the most skeptical, hard-to-sell consumers have a hard time denying that Cold Smoke Concentrates’ extracts are something truly special. This Chem Cookies offering was some of the best of the best. Chem Cookies is a strain specially created by Subdued Excitement, Cold Smoke Concentrates’ producers. The strain is a cross between Chemdawg and GSC #4, making it an indica-dominant. These fantastic genetics make for some world-class extract. The signature crystal chunky consistency was in full-force with this extract, and it was as easy to work with and enjoyable as usual. Whatever science the geniuses at Subdued Excitement are using to create this product, it is working splendidly. The potency is intense with this concentrate, and the effect reflects this. Not for casual cannabis consumers, this concentrate is best left to the professionals.

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