Chef Roy Choi Debuts TV Show Entitled Broken Bread

CULTURE’s former food issue cover celebrity, Roy Choi, will soon be debuting his first television series on May 15.

Chef Choi first made a name for himself through the opening of his Korean taco truck and catering company Kogi Barbecue in 2008. Following that success, he opened numerous restaurants in California and one in Las Vegas, Nevada, and won a variety of awards and recognitions for his work. But most recently, his show Broken Bread will be released to the world on May 15 with the help of KCET and Tastemade.

Broken Bread works to explore “complex social justice issues and meets inspiring individuals and organizations who use food as a platform for activism as well as a catalyst for change.” Unlike the slew of other food shows, this particular series wants to exhibit how food is more than just a consumption material. “This is my first TV show and I couldn’t be prouder that it is with two great partners, KCET and Tastemade,” Roy Choi said in a press release. “As the title suggests, we are going to take a look at the broken systems in our country and take off to find the good people on the ground doing things about changing those systems. A quest for goodness. A place where we can highlight amazing people doing amazing things. There will be humor, music, tears, challenges, poetry, love and action. A show with a lot of food; but not necessarily a food show. It’s time and the time is now.”

Choi’s partnership with both KCET and Tastemade make this a match made in heaven. According to Executive Producer and Chief Creative Officer, Public Media Group of Southern California, Juan Devis, he believes that Choi’s history as makes him the perfect candidate. “As longtime admirers of Roy Choi, KCET is thrilled to be working with him on Broken Bread. Choi brings social consciousness to food culture in a fresh, personal and unexpected way capturing the essence of Los Angeles and its people.” Likewise, Tastemade’s head of programming, Oren Katzeff, is looking forward to how Broken Bread will appeal to its audience. “People are hungry for this type of content. It’s thrilling to work with KCET and explore how people are innovating new approaches to create a better world through food. We can’t think of a better person than Roy Choi to help shape this narrative with us and continue impacting communities in California and beyond.”

The first episode debuts on May 15, followed by subsequent episodes on May 22, May 29, June 5, June 12 and June 19. Broken Bread will be available for viewing on PBS SoCal at 7:30pm PT, on the PBS App, at and on Tastemade TV.

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