Charlie Sheen


Available wherever Grizzly Collective in Los Angeles.

Naming a strain after a man whose celebrity status is made up of equal parts legendary acting ability and even more legendary hard partying may qualify for great expectations. This exceptional strain of Charlie Sheen, available at the Grizzly Collective in Los Angeles, meets all expectations as the kind of cannabis that produces introspection with a kick-back sensibility. Purportedly an indica dominant hybrid with a green crack, blue dream and OG kush lineage, the musty green bud is firm and crumbles easily for packing a bowl or rolling a joint. A mild lavender scent emanates from the bud and persists when burned. Although the initial effects will be a pleasant head effect, it soon migrates throughout your body producing a warm effervescent feeling that provides an energetic pick up without the jitters. Charlie Sheen is long-lasting and will animate conversations whether they be with friends or yourself.

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