Center St. Collective Featured Collective of the Month, Washington

Name of Dispensary: Center
St. Collective

Address: 4915 Center St. Suite B, Tacoma, WA 98409

Phone number: (253) 564-1108


Interviewed: Chad (Owner),
Chelsea (Manager)

How and when did your
access point start up?

It took years to get here, but we finally opened doors last
January. Striving to make it a better place every day since.

What would you say
that your access point offers patients that they can’t find anywhere else?

Chelsea: Good
hospitality and service is what I hear a lot.

Chad: People come
here all the time and they come back because we try really hard to get the best
products. We try to find the best medicine you can get.

What are the biggest joys of being in this industry and having an
access point?

Chelsea: Helping the customers. Watching our products make people
happy and smile every day we go to work.

Chad: My fondest memory of doing this was when a patient walked in
and told me he no longer wanted to kill himself anymore because he was able to
get off of all the pain killers.

What is the most important thing that you hope to accomplish while in
the MMJ community?

Chad: Whatever happens in life, going forward, there should be a
clear education and understanding about cannabis.  That goes into many aspects of what we do here. We want to
inform, educate and help.


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