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Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Cannabis Industry




Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. There are so many ways to appreciate this day in celebration of a world of mothers, sisters, daughters and all females who support women’s rights and equality. Although it’s 2019, there will always be more opportunities to assist the cause and recognize the achievements made by women over the past year, as well as decades and centuries past. (Today is also the release of Captain Marvel in theaters, one of the Marvel Comics’ strongest heroes!) No matter how you celebrate it, it’s a universal day to honor half of the world’s population.

In the cannabis industry, women have greatly contributed to the growth of acceptance and management of cannabis brands and companies. According to a recent study, women make up 3/4 of the consumer market in the industry. Female entrepreneurs are also leading the charge in management positions. From all angles and roles, including filmmakers, doctors, entrepreneurs, military, athletes and so much more, here are just a few of those up-and-coming women in the cannabis industry who deserve recognition.

Jilea Hemmings: Listed as one of the top five cannabis entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2019, this individual now runs Eshe Consulting, which helps startup cannabis companies in a variety of ways. She also runs the Leaf Tyme, an app that helps consumers know the laws about cannabis in their home state.

Ophelia Chong: Founder of Stock Pot Images, this managing maven built her cannabis image website from the ground up. Now there are over 20,000 images on her website!

Dr. Chanda Macias: Alongside many other doctors risking their careers by recommending cannabis, Dr. Chanda Macias is proud to refer to cannabis medicine.

Ester Nafstad: As NORML Norway’s chairwoman, Ester Nafstad opened up to CULTURE about what the future of cannabis in Norway could look like.

Sarah Stenuf: As a U.S. Armed Forces veteran, Sarah Stenuf launched Veteran’s Ananda which aims to educate and raise awareness about the state of veteran’s healthcare.

Charlotte Caldwell: Charlotte is one mother of countless others who has fought for their child’s right to treat their medical ailments with cannabis.

Ricki Lake: This famous actress has had a long and successful career. While most know her from her early role in Hairspray, she is now well-known in the cannabis industry for her work on the successful documentary Weed the People.

Toni Braxton: As a woman who uses hemp derived CBD to treat her systemic lupus erythematosus, Toni Braxton is proud to support natural products like Uncle Bud’s hemp products.

Ava Knight: Both an ambassador for women in boxing as well as her support of cannabis, this lady gladiator is taking on the world one day at a time.

Karley Sciortino: Few women are as outspoken and confident as Karley Sciortino, who advocates for the use of cannabis in the bedroom, as well as taking back the word “slut.”