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Letter from the Editor

Celebrating in Unity




What does the 420 holiday mean to you? Consumers everywhere look forward to April 20 for various reasons, but overall we can agree that 420 is the official time of year to celebrate cannabis.

Let your mind wander and take a journey to a new plane of existence with a special new strain packed with THC. Pay homage to your ancestors who may have used cannabis long before prohibition took place. Spend time with friends or family, and share cannabis with open arms and bowls packed. Watch some of your favorite cannabis flicks with a bowl of infused popcorn. Attend a massive local gathering of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts and smoke a joint at 4:20 p.m.—these events and activities are what make the holiday of 420, and our community, so incredible.

In the return of CULTURE’s Annual 420 Collector’s Edition, we want to express our gratitude to our readers by dedicating these pages to honor our community, as well as all things 420. And most importantly, we want to party with you! After all, the best 420 traditions are centered on getting together with other consumers to smoke, vape, feast and enjoy our right to consume.

We’ve prepared a little bit of everything for you this year—from an in-depth look into the life and legacy of Jimi Hendrix, infused recipes for some of the most beautiful, amazing, gorge-worthy treats, a cannabis entertainment forecast, and we even landed an exclusive interview with Broken Lizard in anticipation of Super Troopers 2—it’s everything you need to get the most out of your 420 celebration.

Regardless of what this day means to you personally, it’s hard to ignore the infectious energy in the air this month. Dispensaries are busy preparing for lines on 420, which will make November’s Black Friday shopping crowd pale in comparison. Consumers everywhere are ready to drop cash for ridiculous deals on their favorite flower, concentrates and edibles. This year more than ever, April 20 will also be a day when many first-timers will try cannabis in its many forms, and maybe even take their first journey to a dispensary.

Don’t let the woes and setbacks of this maturing industry discourage you from taking pride in the work and dedication that our community has persevered through all these years. Instead, focus on the huge progress that we have made collectively as we bring safer cannabis to all who have a right to consume it. Let’s light one up and celebrate ourselves!

Happy 420 from all of us at CULTURE Magazine.



Jamie Solis


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