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CBD Living Water




Available at Various locations throughout Michigan.

Our lives just got infinitely better because of water; yes, from water. CBD Living Water is the best product to come out on the market in a long time—and it is great for everybody! CBD Living Water takes Nano sizes of CBD and other nutrients and infuses them into a water cluster—there is no THC and no psychoactivity. Upon drinking this water, not only did we feel the subtle, relaxing effects of CBD, but we benefitted from the water’s perfect 7.4 PH as well. The water brings great possibilities, as it features ingredients like d-Ribose, which is known to help with exercise by increasing muscle energy. It is also known to help with pain, cramping, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This magic water also contains B12 Methylcobalamin from a plant, which supports metabolism and helps the body maintain healthy nerve tissue and red blood cells, and CoQ10 which is an antioxidant, and it fights common heart ailments and neurological disorders—it is also great for digestion, preventing migraines and helping vision. Every bottle we drink makes us feel just a little bit stronger and a lot healthier.

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