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CBD Can Help Reduce Aggressive Behavior




A new study from Brazil claims that CBD can be used to reduce aggressive behaviors caused by social isolation.

Researchers from the University of São Paulo’s Ribeirão Preto Medical School injected four groups of mice with different doses of CBD to analyze how it can affect the aggressive behavior in mice that were kept in isolation for days. A fifth group of mice wasn’t given any CBD and acted as the control group.

“Our study shows that cannabidiol can inhibit aggressiveness and that it does so by facilitating the activation of two receptors: the 5-HT1A receptor, responsible for the effects of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and the CB1 receptor, responsible for the effects of endocannabinoids,” said Francisco Silveira Guimarães, lead author of the study.

The study found mice in the control group attacked intruders within two minutes and attacked over 20 times. Mice that were given 5mg/kg of CBD attacked after four minutes and the number of attacks were halved. Mice given 15mg/kg of CBD behaved the least aggressive, with the first attack coming after 11 minutes and the average number of attacks were five. The mice groups given 30mg/kg and 60mg/kg acted the most aggressive, attacking sooner and more frequently.

Guimarães stated that in experiments conducted on the potential of using CBD as an antidepressant, higher doses lead to decreased effects after an initial gain. The researchers said CBD activates two receptors in the brain that can help lead to decreased mental health issues. Studies have also suggested CBD has potential to be used as an antibiotic.

Currently, Delaware is the only state that lists aggressive behavior as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis, and that’s only when it’s associated with “self-injurious autism.” The researchers hope CBD can be used to treat aggressiveness usually associated with psychiatric disorders.