• Humble Farms Softstrips

    Candies are always real fun as far as edibles go. Yup, cookies and pastries are nice, but candies are a little different since they take the form of treats you can get nostalgic over (gummy bears,

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  • Good Old Lemonade and Spiced Chai

    For us, medicated beverages have always been hit and miss. We’ve sampled sodas that didn’t impress, and we’ve tried coffee drinks that knocked it out of the park. These drinks (which comes in a

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  • Blackberry

    This indica strain is so frosted, the bud looks nearly white. Blackberry exhibits small bracts with a fantastic—you guessed it—blackberry scent. The strain, available at collectives across the

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  • The Hills Reserve

    With its amazing good looks, The Hills Reserve is a true celebrity among buds. Expertly trimmed and compact, a little goes a long way. The firmness and density of this phenomenal nugget help make it

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  • Blunt Force Trauma

    Blunt Force Trauma has an impressive look; burly and dramatic like the hardy appearance of a 5 o’clock shadow. Loaded with trichomes and looking like a supernova, this strain (from Ballast

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  • Perris OG

    The rich, dark forest green color of Perris OG is both enticing and entrancing. Its “fresh air after a rain” citrus aroma is pleasantly consistent when the bud is opened. With its great color and

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  • Rose Kush

    A beautiful ivory-colored frost covers Rose Kush. The density of its trichomes makes it look like a frosted Christmas tree. This is a fully loaded and beautifully formed bud with well embedded

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