• MK-Ultra

    An indica-dominant hybrid, MK-Ultra’s parents are G-13 crossed with OG Kush. This strain exhibits an appealing, chronic-green coloring—chameleon-like and slightly fluorescent. MK-Ultra—from

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  • Jolly Rancher Hard Candies

    And speaking of potency—how sweet it is. We were fortunate to sample these sweets from Arrow Alternative Remedies in San Bernardino. These candies come in Blue Raspberry, Grape, Apple and Cherry

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  • Greenie Cookies

    Take my word for it—these are the strongest edibles that have ever come across the CULTURE editorial desk. These Greenie cookies (www.yakedibles.org) from South Coast Patients Association are

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  • Tungsten OG

    Tungsten OG has an interesting appearance with its bright red/orange hairs and medium to dark green color. This hybrid strain, from Green View Collective in Corona and Lake Elsinore, is festooned

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  • Flaming Dragon OG

    Flaming Dragon sports plump, dense nodules with orange hairs and light and dark green color variations. The buds have a lively sparkle of trichomes, and the piney notes make for a wonderful aroma

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  • Venom OG

    Powdery trichomes cover Venom OG’s compact and firm buds—a foreshadowing of the strain’s clean, well-balanced aroma and taste. This bud, from Mid-County Patients Association in Anaheim, offers

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  • B-Real OG 2.0

    Similar to White Widow because of its glaze and shiny white frostiness, B-Real OG 2.0 is loaded with trichomes that look like tiny holiday gems. The strain’s plump nodules are full of fruity sweet

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  • Booboo Bar

    Oh. My. God. The folks that make the Booboo Bar aren’t messin‘ around. This awesomely powerful Rocky Road-looking snack made from what appears to be miniature marshmallows and graham cracker bits

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