• White Lotus

    White Lotus has a hard and dense exterior, but the inside has the appearance of (surprise, surprise) a pretty lotus flower. Dark green on one side and white on the other, this bud sports lots of

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  • Da Dank

    Da Dank is a snowy delight with sugary crystals in a tightly packed bud. Mostly indica (80 percent, 20 percent sativa), this strain has the slightly sweet aroma of cotton candy or a sweet summer

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  • King Bubba

    King Bubba is an exceptionally good looking bud. It is fabulously fluffy and slightly sticky when pressed. The frosty coat it sports is reminiscent of the White Widow strain. With its toasty notes

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  • Peanut Butter Smamich

    KFC’s got the Double Down sandwich. Jack-A-Roo’s got the Peanut Butter Smamich—but the concept (a decadent “sandwich” without the bread) is the same. Put some yummy goodness between two big

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  • Oatmeal Delight

    Normally, oatmeal cookies are not my bag—I’m more of a chocolate chip or snickerdoodle kind of fella. But this Oatmeal Delight cookie (made by Big Pete’s Treats) that we picked up from Fortune

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  • Pre-98 Bubba Kush (Original Genetics)

    If bees collected trichomes, they would be all over this bud. This strain is super frosty with these glands, and sports hairs that look almost electric. This indica (available from Holistic Herbal

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  • All-Star Sativa Special

    With a “hold on to your hat” Kush aroma, All-Star Sativa Special comes armed with all the advantage of a heady sativa. This picture-perfect bud comes loaded with “star dust”-like resin that

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  • Super Jack

    With its abundance of opaque crystals, Super Jack seems almost white in appearance. This gem of a perfectly balanced sativa-dominant hybrid is so loaded with resin it looks like a double-dipped sugar

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