• Blue Cheese

    These buds are blue and white and appear covered with the coloration of blue cheese. The trichomes look grated or shredded, and looking so much like blue cheese, it almost looks painted on by an

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  • Spicy Disco

    This is a bud with a density to the tenth power and an exquisite appearance. Spicy Disco glitters like a cave glistening with mineralized stalagmites and stalactites. This strain’s glacial beauty

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  • Soma A+

    It looks good. It smells good. This is a CBD-rich hybrid that is ideal for the novice as it delivers all the best attributes of marijuana without the overpowering head change. A treat for the senses,

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  • Everything Bagel Bites

    Fans of chips, pretzels and other savory, crunchy snacks—your new edible has arrived. Inspired by the “Everything Bagel” you’ve seen at your local bagel shop, these walnut-sized bites (we

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  • Medicated Truffles

    File this under “So delicious, I’d eat it even if it wasn’t medicated.” These truffles, which come in Strawberry Banana and Lemon Drop flavors, are a sweets-lover’s dream. Creamy and moist

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  • Grimace GDP

    This is a great, hard, rock-like bud with shades of purple and absolutely loaded with crystals. When you get past the vivid colors, its alluring aroma will keep you stuck on it like cat nip.

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  • White Lotus

    White Lotus has a hard and dense exterior, but the inside has the appearance of (surprise, surprise) a pretty lotus flower. Dark green on one side and white on the other, this bud sports lots of

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