• 4X Chocolate Chip Cookie

    “That’s the way the cookie crumbles” is an old figure of speech . . . but in the case of this 4X Chocolate Chip Cookie (made by Big Pete’s Treats), the term is inappropriate since this

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  • Raw Vegan Chocolates

    Yes, my vegan friends, somebody’s decided to come up with edibles that would make PETA proud. These Raw Vegan Chocolates (made by The Venice Cookie Co.) that we picked up at Daddy O’s Joint in

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  • Fuzzy's OG

    Fuzzy’s OG sports a nice frostiness over its light green color with spots of rich deeper green. The hairs look like frosted threads bursting out from under more frost of what used to be leaves and

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  • Bubba's Gift

    Like a garden covered in snow or a frosted forest, Bubba’s Gift is spectacular. Explosions of red hairs with hints of purple give way to a tasty treat. It has a sweet aroma similar to Grape

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  • Captain America OG

    Captain America OG is another very impressive hybrid. Heavily potent, this strain affects the head and body and comes with immense lung expansion. With an awesome citrusy explosion and puppy-breath

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  • Blood Diamond

    This is a hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid. Lightly dusted in trichomes and sporting an avocado-like appearance (dark on the outside, light on the inside), this firm bud is potent. Among its tan

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  • The Green Kure

    The Green Kure—from Green Dragon Elixirs in Denver—is exactly what the name says, a Green cure. Presented in a nice 2-oz. bottle, this fantastic cannabis elixir comes loaded with a plethora of

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  • Peanut Butter Jelly Swirl

    If you’re an individual who can eat peanut butter right out of the jar or if you like having a PB&J at any time during the day, then this medicated Peanut Butter Jelly Swirl from Bryant Street

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