• Granddaddy Med Bottles

    Granddaddy is the No. 1 distributer of medical bottles and accessories. They carry a variety of pop tops, reversible smart caps and Doob Tubes. In addition, GMB’s bags come in  large, medium and

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  • NEXGen E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    Now you can enjoy your tobacco fix without having to duck out of the party or sneak a puff inside the woodshed. The NEXGen E-Cigarette Kit has you covered with a smoke- and tar-free system that

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  • The Whizz Kit

    We are proud to bring you the first unisex refill urine kit. This amazing package comes ready to use right out of the box. It’s “gravity operated” and comes with three ounces of toxin- and

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  • BurnaBlunt T-Shirts

    In a casual apparel market overrun with a million novelty T-shirts, leave it to BurnaBlunt Clothing Co. to come up with clothing that crosses social boundaries and proclaims pride in cannabis culture

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  • Chronic Glow

    Don’t smoke a dirty pipe! With a small amount of Chronic Glow you can refurbish even the most clogged and resinated pieces in your collection. It cleans glass, plastic, acrylic, metal, hookahs,

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  • RezBlock

    RezBlock is an all-natural solution that you add to the clean water in your water pipe to prevent resin from accumulating and getting in the way of a good smoke. Even better, this cleaner and

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  • Delta Nine Molecular Medicine

    Obviously, if you don’t want to smoke your medicine you can ingest it via edibles and take it easy on your lungs. But if you want something fast-acting and more discrete, you can turn to a tincture

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