• Spiderpodium Flexible Tablet Stand

    Spiderpodium’s flexible stand for a smartphone was great. Now the company that made one of the most useful universal grips and display docks makes the same kind of multipurpose magic. Suddenly you

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  • Bartule

    This all-in-one bar tool has all the parts for making drinks shaken, stirred, with a twist or on the rocks. With a bottle opener, corkscrew, jigger, citrus juicer, ice bucket and more, the only thing

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  • Tiva Energy Shot & Indi Sleep Shot

    We were impressed  by these medicated 2-oz. drinks (each come in tangerine and strawberry flavors). TIVA Energy Shot provides a caffeinated (the same as a cup of coffee) boost plus 120mg of

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  • VitaClay Multicooker

    If you’ve dabbled with cooking medicated foods at home, try the VitaClay cooker next time you prepare cannabutter or canna-oil. With is computerized controls and old-school clay pot construction,

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  • Scruble Cube

    Crossbreed a Rubik’s Cube with Scrabble and you’ll get this innovative word game that’s designed to de-stress you, stimulate your brain and maybe improve your vocabulary.

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  • Sachi Fashion Lunch Bags

    With spring feeling more like summer, who wants to worry about their edibles melting away into a gooey mess while they’re on the go. Sachi Fashion Lunch Bags are insulated to stylishly keep your

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  • Amp Solar Charger

    This compact charger comes with 2.0-watt solar panels and enough adapters to juice up your cell phone, tablet or anything else that needs a quick, convenient jolt on the go.

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  • "Most Wanted" Graphic T-Shirt

    Everyone knows this is Kobe Country (Sorry, Lebron), so why not show your purple-and-gold pride with this 100-percent cotton shirt by artist Timothy Teruo Watters that depicts the Black Mamba looking

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