• Sarah's Medicated Tea

    Medicated drinks have been booming for some time now. But unlike an infused soda or punch, Sarah’s Medicated Teas (hot or cold) provide a healthy drink for any time of day. The Sativa tea is

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  • Jammin' i-GX

    Ever come up with some killer riffs or a melody, but you’re miles away from the nearest studio? Well, whip out the i-GX and you’re good because this dock-like device allows you to record guitar

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  • Bad Brains Beanie

    Bad Brains was a band ahead of its time; a seminal punk outfit that truly defined “hardcore” with classic songs like “Banned in D.C.” and “I Against I.” Show your love by wearing this

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  • PowerTrekk

    There are portable power sources that draw their juice from the Sun’s rays and those that you need to charge beforehand. PowerTrekk is a one-of-a-kind charger that’s designed to generate

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  • AtmosRX

    Looking more like an “E Blunt” than an “E Cigarette,” the AtmosRX is designed with a larger battery to supply more energy to the cartomizer allowing it to get hot enough to fully activate the

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  • Remedy Cannabis Coffee

    We’ve sampled a number of infused tea and coffee drinks, but Remedy Cannabis Coffee is top-notch stuff. Packed with 50mg of caffeine (courtesy of the 100 percent Ethiopian coffee beans) and 0.8 oz.

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  • Xternal Muscle Relief

    With all the toil and trouble life throws at us, it’s no surprise that some of our days end with aches and pains. Hello, Xternal Muscle Relief. Another useful alternative to prescription medicines,

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