• PowerTrekk

    There are portable power sources that draw their juice from the Sun’s rays and those that you need to charge beforehand. PowerTrekk is a one-of-a-kind charger that’s designed to generate

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  • AtmosRX

    Looking more like an “E Blunt” than an “E Cigarette,” the AtmosRX is designed with a larger battery to supply more energy to the cartomizer allowing it to get hot enough to fully activate the

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  • Remedy Cannabis Coffee

    We’ve sampled a number of infused tea and coffee drinks, but Remedy Cannabis Coffee is top-notch stuff. Packed with 50mg of caffeine (courtesy of the 100 percent Ethiopian coffee beans) and 0.8 oz.

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  • Xternal Muscle Relief

    With all the toil and trouble life throws at us, it’s no surprise that some of our days end with aches and pains. Hello, Xternal Muscle Relief. Another useful alternative to prescription medicines,

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  • Usolo FX

    Man, I love the fact that my iPhone doubles as an iPod, but consider DJ Tech’s new uSolo FX compact media player something different: a DJ in your pocket. Capable of playing MP3 and WAV files,

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  • Raw Rolling Papers

    Sure, you still get all nostalgic over the first pack of Zig-Zag papers you ever bought, but why not kick things up a notch with Raw Unbleached Hemp Rolling Papers. They are additive-free (read: no

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  • Sensi Dipping Oil and Seasoning

    Take a break from that cannaoil you’ve been using and take a gourmet leap over to what Sensi Dipping Oil is all about: high-quality oil from Greece, Italy and Spain with that magic ingredient that

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  • Coolibar Sunglasses

    May is Melanoma Awareness Month and with this in mind, it’s time we keep the health of our eyes in mind—after all, we’re living in a coastal community. Coolibar’s Havana Sunglasses provide

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