• JD-Lighting Electronic Ballasts

    Cultivators looking to kick it up a notch would be well served by JD-Lightings line of super-efficient electronic ballasts. Using both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, you’ll be able to

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  • Scarface-Themed Humidor

    Say “hello” to your cigar’s little friend. For the stogie enthusiast or for any fan of classic gangster cinema, this individually-numbered Scarface-themed humidor sports enough space to age and

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  • Nintendo 3DS

    The Game Boy allowed us to fight off pixilated goombas and travel down green blocks—er, tubes, all in the name of rescuing our Princess from anywhere outside of the house. Now with the Nintendo

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  • Amphibx Waterproof Armband

    Leave your Shuffle at home because your iPhone has suddenly become very jogging-friendly. H2O Audio’s got a sweatproof, waterproof (up to 12 feet) gadget that works with your iPhone (among other

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  • Devo Shoes

    Now you can join the De-evolution with these limited-edition Devo Shoes! Made with 100 percent vegan materials and a rubber out-sole, these kicks simply whip it—good! www.clubdevo.com.  

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  • PCC Cannabis Trading Cards

    Some guys trade Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth cards . . . and others trade Blue Dream and Strawberry Kush cards. The creative guys over at Berkeley Patients Care Collective went all out to come up with

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  • Hello Neighbor Blow-Thru Air Freshener

    Sometimes finding a discrete way to medicate (visiting grandma’s, at a baseball game) is tough. Say hello to our little friend: Hello Neighbor. This tiny little smoke and odor neutralizer looks

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  • Organic Wick

    Ditch the butane lighter. Organic Wick is a healthy alternative to traditional combustion methods. Made out of 100% locally grown hemp and infused with local beeswax, it provides a slow clean burn

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