• Electro Flash Media T-Shirts

    The folks at Electro Flash Media really enjoy lighting up . . . using electroluminescence technology, that is. This company’s cool men and women’s T-shirts will literally brighten up our

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  • LED Ultimate Grow Light

    The concept behind this super-efficient plant lighting product is simple: it uses only the exact spectrum that’s needed for photosynthesis—and consumes about as much wattage as a night light.

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  • Aloha Bagz

    Throw away your turkey bags, folks, because Aloha Bagz are an excellent way to transport your medicine. The affordable plastic bags are smell proof, scale-friendly and come in two convenient sizes.

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  • Just Chill

    This isn’t an energy drink, rather a tasty stress relief beverage (only 50 calories a can) that calms you down through the power of all-natural ingredients. ($1.99/8.4 oz.

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  • Hello My Name Is Backpack

    Direct from graffiti and street style brand Sprayground is this badass backpack, equal parts loud and sturdy. Nobody will ever forget your name. ($49) www.sprayground.net.

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  • HVY Bags

    To extract your favorite herbs and oils, HVY Bags can’t be beat for their high-quality mesh screens and triple-stitch construction that makes these HVY-duty! ($199) www.hvybags.com.

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