• Co2lors Preroll

    Experience the difference of distillate infused premium flower rolled with natural fruit flavors for a potent experience that’s big on taste. Discreet enough to take the flavorful fun with you

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    INTRODUCING . . . THE RYOT® VERB™ DHV. With so many dry herb vapes on the market, the experts at RYOT® sat back and expected somebody to make a pocketable vape that was easy to load, easy to

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    An all-in-one smoking station, the elegantly crafted RYOT® 11” x 10” Solid Top Locking LOCK’R Box™ with Walnut Rolling Tray and 3 Storage Jars comes with three storage containers and a

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    The RYOT® Krypto-Kit™ is the most popular pocketable storage system for glass bats and small vapes ever designed. Released in 2000, the Krypto-Kit™ was the company’s first invention. Today

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  • Kannastor® GR8TR® V2

    An update on the classic GR8TR® model, the V2 features food-grade anodized aluminum, interchangeable grinder plates, anti-residue and friction rings, and the signature versatile design. What makes

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  • Suddenly Stoned

    Once you’re stuffed with turkey and all the fix-ins from your classic holiday feast, the best way to round out any celebration is by playing a card game with the adults. Give the gift of fun, as

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    Do you want your vape hits to be as smooth as butter this holiday season? If so, DAVINCI IQ’s technology will take consumers to the highest of highs without any choking or coughing as a result.

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