• Linx Ares

    You don’t need to be a bear or even a honey badger to slurp up some honey. With the Linx Ares vapor straw, all you have to do is simply insert the vapor straw into your concentrate and hold the

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  • Dr. Dabber Diamond Rig

    Smoke in style with the largest rig in the Dr. Dabber Diamond Glass series. Featuring top-of-the-line, hand-blown borosilicate glass and a unique “flowerbud” percolator, the Dr. Dabber Diamond

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  • Empire Glassworks Genie Lamp Dabber

    Ever wonder what it’s like to have magic at your fingertips? Or to have a spellbinding smoking experience? If you came across a genie lamp, what would you wish for? Possibly an endless supply

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  • Stone Drink Dispenser

    Many of us enjoy our favorite drink on the rocks, but now you can enjoy it from the rock—in the literal sense. The Stone Drink Dispenser allows whiskey enthusiasts to enjoy their own little keg

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  • Hemp Backpack

    Made from 100 percent certified organic hemp, this backpack is made from the same hemp as the world-famous Hemp Wick Bee Line. This design is not only functional but fashionable as well, making it

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  • Orbit Bluetooth Key Tracker

    Let’s admit it. We all misplace our phones and keys from time to time. How many times have you searched the couch and every surface of your house for your car keys or your phone? Now just imagine

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