• TriggerPoint GRID Vibe

    Relax. That mysterious vibrating object inside an enclosed bag isn’t what you think. The TriggerPoint GRID Vibe is a device that relaxes your muscles with the combination of foam and vibrating

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  • QardioBase 2™

    Want to lose weight quickly and efficiently? Be the person who actually achieves their New Year’s resolution this year. This award-winning smart scale will give you just the right amount of

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  • Vegan Hot Hemp Muscle Rub

    The Merry Hempsters®, not to be confused with The Merry Pranksters of the 1960s, are the makers of an assortment of well-known hemp-infused products. The Vegan Hot Hemp Muscle Rub happens to be

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  • SuperGreen™ Hemp Yoga Mat & Sling

    Namaste, fellow yogis! Quit using products that are detrimental to the environment and your precious health! While rubber mats absorb fat-burning heat from your body, SuperGreen’s mat is made

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  • CULTURE’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

    Are you stuck on picking out quality gifts for your cannabis-friendly family and friends? Making those decisions isn't easy on your own. Another year means another busy shopping season.

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  • Blue Kudu BonBons

    Handmade, decadent and irresistible. BlueKudu’s dark chocolate bonbons are filled with a creamy vanilla bean caramel, and milk chocolate bonbons are filled with a smooth peanut butter filling.

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  • AirFreshy

    Give the gift of delightful scents with the AirFreshy, a cannabis scented air freshener. Real hemp terpenes are utilized in this pleasant air freshener, which will help set a festive scene at

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  • Snowcap by Silver Stem

    Silver Stem's Snowcap is a fan favorite and for good reason! Its large and dense flowers will impress you. Its lemony, menthol scent will lead to a cerebral, creative happiness and a case of the

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