• Pressies

    Everyone knows someone who could use a little more sleep, energy, or even a bit more focus. That person may even be you. And it’s for that reason we made Pressies, a series of wellness

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  • Kush Cola

    Introducing Michigan’s own Kush Cola. At 100mg per bottle, this delicious beverage is available in seven delicious flavors that include Kush Cola, Lemon Haze, Agent Orange, Purple Haze and other

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  • Biovelle CBD Coconut Oil

    Give the gift of all of the health benefits of coconut oil combined with the therapeutic value of CBD. This organic, virgin, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil from the Philippines is infused

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  • Huni Badger® Vertical Vaporizer Kit

    For $189, you can skip the torch and get a Huni Badger®, the premium vertical dab rig with a full ceramic heating tip. Powered by a single rechargeable battery, the interchangeable high and low

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  • Bhang Ice Chocolate

    Treat yourself to holiday cheer with Bhang Ice Chocolate, an offering of milk chocolate with refreshing mint flavor, derived from natural peppermint oils. Bhang chocolate is for chocolate lovers

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  • Baba G’s DIY Candy Kit

    Choose your own adventure with Baba G’s DIY Candy Kit! With this kit you can easily create edibles crafted to your potency preference. Add your favorite concentrate and in 60 minutes or less

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  • The Axe Hat by Chiefton Supply Co. 

    This 6 panel snapback is made from the highest quality hemp and organic cotton. Attention to detail makes this hat stand out from the rest. The game changer with this piece is the small tab on

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