• Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set

    Get ready for an out-of-this-world dining experience, courtesy the Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set. The fact that this set doesn’t come complete with oil and vinegar means you can opt for

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  • Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer

    Who has time to do things like stir soup as it simmers on the stove? Let’s face it—we’ve all seen the viral video of the guy who is appears to be sleeping at the wheel while his Tesla

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  • Butter Churner

    In honor of CULTURE’s annual Edibles Issue, we’re putting a modern spin on the classic. Nothing is more classic to cannabis edibles than infused butter, so let’s elevate this experience by

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  • Simple One-Hitter + Simple Dugout

    The tech industry brought us away from the overly saturated colors of candy pop from the ‘90s and into the preferred simplistic aesthetic of the new millennium. The cannabis industry has taken

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  • CBD Peel-Off Mask: Porefection

    Activated charcoal couldn’t be any trendier—that is, not unless you add some CBD to it! Bring your skincare routine to a higher level with Millennial Beauté’s CBD Peel-Off Mask. Literally

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  • Cannabis Tamper Tool Necklace

    Nothing says high fashion like a 24-karat gold-dipped piece of functional jewelry with a function exclusively useful to cannabis consumers. Handmade in the U.S. using an anvil and hammer, this

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  • SoilSaver Classic Composter

    With a flash of your wand and a tip of your hat, feel like Merlin the magician by making compost appear out of thin air. So, it might not be an actual magic trick, but turning your kitchen waste

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