Invite over your friends, and make a splash at your next pool party without having to pull off your ultra-cannonball trick from college. The WONDERBOOMTM 2 is an ultraportable Bluetooth speaker

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  • The Medusa Peak

    “Breathtaking” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of vaping tools. However, The Medusa Peak instantly changed that, as reviewers could barely breathe following their love

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  • Jayne

    Kalas is known for its beautiful glassware designs for smoking, and this latest offering of a beautiful, classy grinder stays on trend. Small enough to fit in your bag, but strong enough to grind

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  • ROOR® Tech 18” Inline Tangie & Mint

    There is nothing more classic than a ROOR® bong as the centerpiece of your coffee table. Taking a step above the rest, this new design puts a spin on the traditional straight-line horizontal tube,

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  • GRAV Labs Fire-Button Portable E-Nail

    This universal and portable e-nail will ensure that you’re partying like a rock star this 710. If you’re in a rush to get the celebration started, the fast heat-up and cooldown times won’t

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  • Envy Glass Dichro Coated Recycler

    Ready to have all eyes on you? The Envy Glass Dichro Coated Recycler will make sure that everyone within eyeshot stares lovingly at the coolest rig this side of the Mississippi. With dichro coating

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  • Aluminum Pipe Vaporizer

    What do you get when you cross old school swagger with new school technology? Put on your top hat, and get yourself an Aluminum Pipe Vaporizer. This CNC anodized aluminum pipe comes with a

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  • Eyce Collector

    Fly on over this way to buzz like a bee and sip on some nectar—the team at Eyce has you covered. The Eyce Collector’s platinum cured silicone body screams function and durability. With a

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