• Silver Surfer Vaporizer®

    Don’t be modest—vape like a superhero with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer®. With its glass-on-glass design, hand-blown temperature knob and customizable base and accessories, this timeless

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  • Moodo Starter Pack

    Why settle for a single scent when Moodo can provide rotating or mixed scents to suit any mood? This starter pack comes with three scent families, and each scent family contains four capsules with

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  • Canon IVY Photo Printer

    Do you miss the Polaroid era? Don’t fret, because Canon has you covered with the instant photo, re-imagined for the modern era. Print two-inch by three-inch peel-and-stick photos from your

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  • Rolling Pin: Engraved Marijuana Leaf

    Throwing your next cannabis-themed party is piece of cake with this engraved wooden rolling pin. Create dozens of embossed cookies with fan leaf patterns in a single roll. Put your back into it!

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  • FoodCycler™ FC-30

    Do you really care about the planet, or are you all just talk? It’s time to stop being wasteful with your food leftovers. The FoodCycler™ FC-30 converts food waste into nutrient-rich compost.

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  • Cannabis Sativa Kitchen Sea Towel

    Let guests who enter your kitchen know that you’re a cannabis consumer in a classy way with this 28-inch by 18-inch flour sack kitchen towel featuring a beautifully stitched hemp plant design.

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  • Grill Cube BBQ

    Going camping or glamping this autumn? This tiny mobile outdoor cooking grill is perfect for quick getaways in the great outdoors. The device is less than 6.5 inches cubed, it weighs only 3.1

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