• The Medical Marijuana Telethon

    Long Beach’s wacky Found Theatre is known for such hilarious atrocities as Donner Party: The Musical, Hitler in Love and Cirque de Stupide. Most of the productions have a pop-culture message

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  • The Story of O

    With art programs under fire at even the university level, it’s heartening that graduate students still find room in SoCal galleries—let alone that our colleges of art and design are still

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  • Hemp History Week!

    VoteHemp and the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) have declared May 17-23 the 1st Annual Hemp History Week. The grassroots movement is set on securing patriotic Americans in all 50 states to

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  • Strain and Edible Reviews

    Obama The folks behind this sativa-dominant strain say it took three years of careful cross-breeding involving more than 300 phenotypes to create it. It was worth the effort. Powerful and smooth,

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    Resinate Pipe Cleaning Solution Trying to remove the built-up residue in a glass pipe can sometimes test your commitment to medicating. Even the most tried-and-true cleaning methods, such as rinsing

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  • Entertainment Reviews

    BOOK REVIEW: It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story of Marijuana 2nd Edition (April 20, 2006) Author/Illustrator:  Ricardo Cortes. Publisher:  Magic Propaganda Mill. The world of children’s

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  • Liner Notes

    By Hans Fink Adding incentive to the already legendary Coachella Festival, the event’s official website recently announced lots of new things—including a new farmers market—for onsite campers.

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  • Strain & Edible Reviews

    Lamb’s Bread “But the only kinda herb that I could smoke . . . But the only kinda herb that I could smoke…the lambsbread collie . . .” So sang the late Jamaican reggae singer Jacob Miller

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