• Strain and Edible Reviews

    Memphis Belle A hybrid of the famed HKS and Maui strains, Memphis Belle is hands down one of the best medicines we’ve sampled all year. Its aesthetic beauty—bright neon-green and orange-haired

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  • Cool Stuff

    Coffin Couches It’s hard not to dig up the tired clichés when describing custom couches that look (and, presumably, feel) every bit like funeral caskets. “These beauties are real

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  • Entertainment Reviews

    Online Documentary Review The Principle of Pot, Parts I and II Producer/Videographer:  Paul McKeever. Starring:  Marc Emery, Ayn Rand and others. While Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery has

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  • Liner Notes

    By Hans fink LimeWire, the last bastion of major P2P file sharing, has been effectively beaten down and curb-stomped by the Recording Industry Association of America and could quite possibly be in

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  • Cauzin’ Vapors . . . Legalize It Tour

    A So Cal summer wouldn’t be the same without a tour from our native San Diego sons, Slightly Stoopid. The reggae-surf-punkers bring their Cauzin’ Vapors . . . Legalize It Tour to the OC this

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