• Blueberry Mini Cheesecake

    Just when I think my eyes have glazed over for the last time over a medicated baked good someone’s handed me (seriously, how many times can someone make a cannabis brownie?), along comes something

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  • Mercury OG

    Mercury OG comes with loads of sugary crystals. This incredible hybrid—70 percent indica, 30 percent sativa—reminds me of the vintage strain Grape Romulan with its enticing hints of grape, sage

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  • Blue Dream Plus

    Blue Dream Plus’ aroma and furry-white frostiness are similar to the White Widow strain. This is a nicely packed bud with just a hint of lemon and a smooth-as-silk hit. This sativa dominant strain

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  • Michael Phelps

    This is an indica strain with a great earthy, pine-like aroma. Michael Phelps offers you a full-flavored smoke with a nice aftertaste. The buds appear to be dried rather than cured and are similar in

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  • Power Train

    The verdant green buds of this sativa dominant hybrid are coated with tiny, frosty trichomes. When the bud is broken up, Power Train’s aroma bursts out and tantalizes the nose. This is a tight

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  • Nepal

    Great Heights   Nepal offers breathtaking views and plenty of bhang for your buck   Story and photos by Dennis Argenzia and Grace Cayosa   “I think I’m goin‘ to Kathmandu.” Bob Seger got

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  • The Electric Chair

    DVD REVIEW Dir. Mark Eisenstein Wild Eye Releasing “If it makes sense, it must not be real,” muses Victor Argo from the stage of a dimly lit comedy club. Taking his maxim into account, 1985’s

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  • Cali-Hi

    CD REVIEW The Mystic Roots Band MVD Audio Sonically, The Mystic Roots Band is all over the reggae map. With their latest release, Cali-Hi, the Chico-reared band continues its habit of throwing

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