• Private Reserve OG

    This is a truly gorgeous bud with a mouth-watering aroma. Its structure is interesting; the groupings are springy to the touch, but each of its buds and bracts are tightly compact. Each bud packs

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  • Kryptonite OG

    This is a bud with a complex and refreshingly pine-like aroma. Kryptonite OG also has a tantalizing and toasty smell. The plump nodules on the tightly packed flowerette-looking buds, and its bracts,

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  • Blue Haze

    Covered with sparkling crystals, Blue Haze almost looks dew-kissed. It’s so loaded with trichomes that the bud sparkles like a stack of diamonds. Because of its striated leaf, this strain has a

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  • Hello, 2011!

    With New Year’s Eve falling on a Friday this year, get ready for some industrial-grade partying all weekend long. Here is a sampling of some of the coolest NYE events, parties and celebrations

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  • Hawaiian Punch

    Pepper’s island vibe gets the three-dimensional treatment By Arrissia Owen Turner The band Pepper left paradise behind for Southern California at the perfect time. It was 1999, Sublime still

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  • Bring the Reign

    The desert dudes from Queens of the Stone Age unleash an oldie and a goodie By Arrissia Owen Turner Now that Queens of the Stone Age is more than a decade old and has surpassed the fame of date

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  • Desert Heat

    Masters of Reality unleash their plans for total destruction By Alex Distefano Chris Goss formed the rock band Masters of Reality in 1981 and has had a somewhat off-and-on, revolving line up of

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  • Hits From the Chong

    Last month, CULTURE sat down with legendary duo Cheech & Chong moments after they signed guitar-inspired art at a red carpet event along the Sunset Strip. It’s Nov 16, 2010. When exactly was

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