• Spiderpodium

    It might look like a toy, but Spiderpodium is all business when it comes to being a multi-purpose, universal grip and display dock that’s ideal for making your iPhone or other gadget stand at

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  • Sativa Hemp Boots

    These planet-friendly boots (made of sustainable hemp) are tough enough for that weekend trek and comfy enough for casual walking. Later days, Tevas. ($41.25) www.sativabags.com.

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  • Plastikman Box Set

    Richie Hawtin, a.k.a. Plastikman, has just recapped two decades of enthusiasm for techno with Arkives, a collection spanning his 1993-2010 output on different formats (vinyl, CD and digital).

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  • Electro Flash Media T-Shirts

    The folks at Electro Flash Media really enjoy lighting up . . . using electroluminescence technology, that is. This company’s cool men and women’s T-shirts will literally brighten up our

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  • LED Ultimate Grow Light

    The concept behind this super-efficient plant lighting product is simple: it uses only the exact spectrum that’s needed for photosynthesis—and consumes about as much wattage as a night light.

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  • Aloha Bagz

    Throw away your turkey bags, folks, because Aloha Bagz are an excellent way to transport your medicine. The affordable plastic bags are smell proof, scale-friendly and come in two convenient sizes.

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  • Booboo Bar

    Oh. My. God. The folks that make the Booboo Bar aren’t messin‘ around. This awesomely powerful Rocky Road-looking snack made from what appears to be miniature marshmallows and graham cracker bits

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