• Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software

    Borderlands 3 Dev. Gearbox Software Pub. 2K Games Release Date: September 13 Available on: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One   The Borderlands series has always been about loot.

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  • Stuff Every Cannabisseur Should Know

    Stuff Every Cannabisseur Should Know Marc Luber Quirk Productions, Inc.   Don’t let the tiny size of this book fool you—approximately the size of an adult’s hand, Stuff Every

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  • Tlof Lil Bhrissy

    Tlof Lil Bhrissy SaunaBoi Inc.   Denver probably isn’t the first place one might think to find new SoundCloud rap to check out, but Lil Bhrissy aims to change that with his debut

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  • Edible of the Week: Tempo CBD Shots

    When you think of shots, you might associate drinking one in a loud, electric atmosphere of a party or when socializing with friends. But what if we told you that shots are no longer exclusive to

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  • Strain of the Week: Monster Cookies

    The term “monster” by definition is most commonly used to define something large in size. Monster waves define larger-than-life ocean swells that surfers probably live for. Huge crocodiles found

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  • Concentrate of the Week: Mango CO2 Oil

    In the world of fruits, there are countless varieties and flavors, but most of them are categorized as citrus or acidic, or sweet (and sometimes a combination of these factors). However, mangoes

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  • Strain of the Week: Dawg Walker

    Every year, Aug. 26 becomes a day that celebrates canines with National Dog Day. Social Media channels will be flooded with adorable photos and videos of their dogs, honoring the unrivaled

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