• CULTURE’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

    Ever feel like you’re struggling to find a gift? Need a few recommendations for cool things that your friends and family might love? Well, if they love cannabis as much as we do here at

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  • W Vapes

      W Vapes won the Hempcon award for “Best Personal Vaporizer” in 2016. Premium quality, great taste and convenience all come together beautifully in this simple, sleek, disposable vape

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  • Kushy Punch RECOVER

    Black and blue raspberry-flavored, the ratio of this THC+CBD Kushy Punch product provides you with the maximum medicinal benefits. Combining these two cannabinoids gives you both the mind and body

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  • Golden State Greens Point Loma Pre-rolls

    Point Loma's Golden State Greens (GSG) premier packaged pre-rolls come with five pre-rolls that contain one gram of top shelf flower each, rolled with GSG's most popular strains, which tests at up

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  • Kind Water

    We’re excited to introduce you to this deliciously purified alkaline water that is combined with organically-sourced CBD and terpenes. Be sure to replace your typical water intake with Kind Water

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  • Tokyo OG

      Point Loma's Golden State Greens award-winning Tokyo OG originating from Northern California, is yet another rendition of the famous OG Kush hybrid. This cutting preserves the traditional

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  • 1:1 CBD/THC SPRAY 340MG

    Freshen up and find your balance with Potters Cannabis Co.’s 1:1 CBD/THC Spray, infused with 340mg of cannabinoids. This spearmint-flavored sublingual spray is packed into an amber bottle and

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