• Bros, Buffoons and Bud

    It was probably shocking to most cinephiles that Kathryn Bigelow became the first gal to grab a director’s Oscar this year—her claim to fame up until The Hurt Locker was 1991’s schmaltzy Point

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  • They are Devo

    If your membership in the De-volution fan club has lapsed—it’s time to renew. Hot off their stints at the Winter Olympics, Coachella and the KROQ Weenie Roast, the original freaky fab

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  • Milestone Movie Moments

    By Jasen T. Davis and James Lang Nothing works like celluloid for capturing the zeitgeist of an era. Along with the stories they tell, films inform us of what people were thinking, wearing and, yes,

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  • Entertainment Reviews

    CD REVIEW Valleys of Neptune Artist:  Jimi Hendrix Label:  Legacy It’s not unusual for a famous musician to put out a hit album long after being pronounced dead. Johnny Cash did it. Jim Morrison

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  • Liner Notes

    By Hans Fink On April 16, TYPE O NEGATIVE singer and bassist PETER STEELE was found dead of heart failure. Aside from his imposing 6-foot, 8-inch frame and monstrous baritone voice, Steele was also

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  • Counter-Culture Currency

    Los Angeles artist Robert Dowd’s paintings of money and postage stamps were at the center of the California Pop Art movement. In 1962, his work was included in a group show at the Pasadena Art

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  • The Medical Marijuana Telethon

    Long Beach’s wacky Found Theatre is known for such hilarious atrocities as Donner Party: The Musical, Hitler in Love and Cirque de Stupide. Most of the productions have a pop-culture message

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  • The Story of O

    With art programs under fire at even the university level, it’s heartening that graduate students still find room in SoCal galleries—let alone that our colleges of art and design are still

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